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Trump Portrait: a collaboration

by Craig Kraft and Luis Del Valle

After viewing the performance piece, Identify, by artist Sheldon Scott at the National Portrait Gallery, light artist Craig Kraft was reminded that the gallery considers all media in its exhibitions and collection. He decided that a neon and painting portrait of president Donald Trump would be a grand subject for a collaborative piece. He asked his friend Luis Del Valle, esteemed portrait and muralist, if he wanted to work on the project together. Luis shared Kraft’s enthusiasm and the collaboration began!


In the past 4 months, they have created a provocative portrait of president Trump. This mixed media artwork alludes to many of his controversial positions and relationships with people of color, women, religion and especially the media. Fake news blinks on and off, with constant, annoying repetition. Trump is literally, “on fire!” Luis prefers the artwork to be left untitled so the public can interpret it on their own. From Kraft’s perspective, the piece shows Trump going up in his own flames.

On display now at the Anacostia Arts Center

1231 Good Hope Rd SE, Washington, DC 20020

complete elephant for post.jpg

Damaged Spirit of the African Elephant, 2018

 On View Now

Having researched European and Indonesian ancient drawings, I continued my research into the universal urge to connect through mark making in Namibia. The uniqueness of Namibia is threefold; the presence of the Sans, arguably the oldest indigenous people in the world, the rock art they created and the wild animals who have inspired it. The Sans believed African animals were portals into the spiritual world and when they put paint to rock they harnessed the animal's essence and opened the spirit portals. The artwork is my attempt to capture the spirit of the African elephant, which is both tangible and intangible, elusive but recognizable. It suggests an inner spiritual world much more complex than its outer appearance.

detail of elephant for post.jpg

The public is invited to view The Damaged Spirit of the African Elephant, now sited in the store front window of the Kraft Studio at 1239 Good Hope Rd SE, next to the Anacostia Arts Center. On August 9th, the piece will be available for viewing from 1pm- 9pm as a part of the East of the River Artist Award Exhibition at the Anacostia Arts Center.

Parking will be available at Colonial Parking across the street Monday- Friday from 7am - 7pm.


Kraft Studio is open 9am-5pm daily and by appointment.

Store Front eelephant.jpg
Ancient and contemporary Symbols.jpg

Ancient and Contemporary Symbols

"Hashtags 72,000 Years Apart"

Wood, Neon, Burlap, Paint

 18 x 48 x 4.25


Wood, Neon, Canvas, Paint

17.25 x 41 x 4.25

"Infinite Spiral"

Wood, Neon, Burlap, Paint

Philadelphia Art Fair Tag Image.png

The Seraphin Gallery will feature Craig Kraft in a one person exhibition at the entrance to the Philadelphia Fine Art Fair.
Kraft’s “Urge to Mark” Series will be shown at the 25 ft entrance to Philadelphia’s 1st gallery-focused fine art fair. 

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