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Having researched European and Indonesian ancient drawings, I continued my research into the universal urge to connect through mark making in Namibia. The uniqueness of Namibia is threefold, the presence of the Sans, arguably the oldest indigenous people in the world, the rock art they created and the wild animals who have inspired it. The San’s believed African animals were portals into the spiritual world and when they put paint to rock they harnessed the animal’s essence and opened the spirit portals. The artwork is my attempt to capture the spirit of the African elephant, which is both tangible and intangible, elusive but recognizable. It suggests an inner world much more complex than its outer appearance.


2021, 8x6x4 feet. Neon, transformers, support structure.

Damaged Spirit of the African Elephant

  • Anyone can have this piece if they pay for the packing, transport and installation of this piece. 

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